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Karan Singh Magic is an illusionist, wizard, and mind reader who has been entertaining audiences with his incredible mind-reading abilities. With his utmost dedication and passion to learn creative new tricks, he has made a unique name for himself and hopes to keep entertaining people on a wider scale in the future. If you want to book Karan Singh Magic or hire Karan Singh Magic, this biography can help.

The initial journey of Karan Singh Magic

As a little kid, Karan Singh Magic grew interested in illusions after seeing his dad perform magic tricks. During a summer camp in Kullu Manali, he met a magician who amazed him with his skills. Singh decided to study magic but always pursued it as more of a hobby. His friends paid him 1000 bucks for a magic show at a birthday party when he was 16 years old. He went across every table at the party and amazed all of them with his master illusions! To much to his delight, a flood of inquiries followed and he has never looked back from there.

Karan Singh Magic thought that he needed to do something unique to distinguish himself from other competitors in his field. He began learning the psychological side of magic. To become a master in this, Karan Singh magic watched David Blaine’s director’s show in Boston with his father and that’s where he gained interest in psychological illusions. Following that, he spent a considerable amount of time reading and studying new things, and it was then that magic and psychology got aligned in his life. To book a magician near me, Karan Singh Magic should be one of your best choices.

The addition of YouTube

Karan Singh Magic also founded his own YouTube channel called “Karan Singh Magic”. At the current time, his total followers on YouTube is close to 610K. Time and again, he keeps on posting interesting videos with a variety of celebrities, who have inspired him over the years.

Karan’s network has grown tremendously as a result of his corporate shows. The corporations would send their brand ambassadors, and he would impress them with a few tricks. Those celebrities then welcome him to their private house parties, movie premieres, and other activities, where he would meet other actors and athletes, and the circle has expanded by this way.

The power of magic has always fascinated people. In fact, illusionists such as Karan Singh Magic who are deft at manipulating human perception can both amaze and intrigue their audience.

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