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Anand Rathnam is a renowned standup comedian who was meant to do a corporate job post civil engineering. But, his sudden shift in the standup comedy field, made him take a unique step in life, which later provided to be a master stroke. Since 2015, Anand Rathnam has been performing comedy acts across the metro cities of India and even abroad. If you wish to hire Anand Rathnam or book Anand Rathnam, keep reading this blog.

Anand Rathnam’s standup comedy journey

Civil engineer turned stand-up comedian, Anand Rathnam, was born in Bangalore. He started his comedy journey around 7 years ago. Anand’s brand of comedy is observational comedy and opinionated, which is mostly drawn from real-life experiences. To be precise, it involves a fair mix of observation, brand creativity, and exaggeration. He prefers doing comedy shows both in Hindi and English language. Anand Rathnam brings humor to every small issue and makes the audience laugh their heart out.

He has performed in key cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coorg, and Coimbatore since 2015. Anand Rathnam tries to see the positive side of every negative thing happening around him. This makes him a happy person and the reason for his being stress-free. He keeps saying that no one knows himself better than him. If you are searching for someone to book a standup comedian near me, you should look at hiring Anand Rathnam.

Anand Rathnam

Some Faq related to Anand Rathnam:

  • What is the favorite food of Anand Rathnam?

Anand Rathnam prefers continental food with a mix of north-Indian tastes to it.

  • What are the hobbies of Anand Rathnam?

Anand Rathnam likes singing, watching cricket, and listing to songs.

  • Which religion Anand Rathnam belongs to?

Anand Rathnam belongs to “Hinduism”.

  • Is Anand Rathnam married?

There is no concrete information about the marital status of Anand Rathnam.

  • Who is the favorite actor of Anand Rathnam?

The favorite actor of Anand Rathnam is Shahrukh Khan.

  • Who is the favorite actress of Anand Rathnam?

The favorite actress of Anand Rathnam is Kajol.

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