Devesh Dixit

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Devesh Dixit is a standup comedian, sketch maker, storyteller, and YouTuber. He writes his comedy script himself and has a huge fan base. Devesh Dixit is very passionate about his standup comedy acts and tries his level best to keep the audience engaged. He is also active on his YouTube channel, and his YouTube videos have become very popular. is here to help you if you want to Book or hire Devesh Dixit for the shows of your choice.

Devesh’s Brief Introduction

Before you decide to book Devesh for your comedy shows, you should know about his educational qualification. Devesh Dixit was born on the 27th of April in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His exact birth year is unknown, but it is expected that he was born between 1992-1995. Devesh Dixit did his initial schooling at Bluebells school. Then he did a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Informative science from the University of Rajasthan. Devesh Dixit also did MBA from ILLM college in Marketing. From 2010-2018, he worked at Asian Paints as a sales and business development manager.

Devesh’s Standup Comedy Journey

Devesh worked in private firms till 2018. He was very much interested in doing comedy acts, and during office events, he entertained his colleagues with some comedy acts. Over time, his small jokes and comedy notes gave him the feeling that he should seriously consider doing standup comedy full-time. In 2018, he started his YouTube channel and uploaded his comedy video “Road Rage and Getting Married”, which became very popular. Over the last 4 years, Devesh has performed many comedy shows in Delhi. His fellow standup comedians have nicknamed him a “level 3 comic”. You can choose Devesh as the best option for booking a standup comedian near me.

Devesh’s Interesting Facts

  • Apart from standup comedy, Devesh Dixit also does sketch comedy with his friend Pratyush Chaubey.
  • He has around 307K subscribers on his YouTube channel “Devesh Dixit”.
  • He also frequently uploads videos on his Instagram account, talking about burning issues such as UGC, elections, Patanjali, the Pool party in Wuhan, etc.

FAQ’s related to Devesh Dixit

Q. Is Devesh married?

Ans. Yes, Devesh is married to Amrita Roy, a sales executive.

Q. Does Devesh do smoking?

Ans. No, Devesh does not smoke

Q. What is the height of Devesh?

Ans. The height of Devesh is 5 foot 8 inches

Q. What type of comedy does Devesh do?

Ans. Devesh is famous for doing observational comedy

Q. Does Devesh have kids?

Ans. According to the information available on Google, Devesh does not have any children as of now.

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Devesh Dixit, in just 4 years of standup comedy experience, has created a unique space for himself among standup comedy fans. His jokes are based on real-life experiences and also on the world around him. Devesh has the ability to make your audience laugh and make the event worth attending. Feel free to call us on the helpline number, or fill out the booking form, if you want to Book or Hire Devesh Dixit for your events in collaboration with