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Book Suhani Shah Famous Indian Magician With Thegigs in 2022

Book Suhani Shah: You might have observed magicians doing magic tricks on roads and Galli-mohallas. But, there are a few who take this profession to the next level. We are talking about India’s first female magician, “Suhani Shah”. Are you anxious to provide your audience with the ‘Best magic show’? Do you want to book Suhani Shah or hire Suhani Shah for your dream function? Don’t worry, is here to help.

Brief introduction about Suhani Shah

Book Suhani Shah
Book Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah, the first professional female magician, was born on 29th Jan 1990 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. At the age of 5, she saw a magic show at an event. Suhani was mesmerized by the show, and she decided to learn the art of magician. In just 2 years, she mastered the art and performed her first live magic show in front of 1500 people. Since then, she has never looked back and has become the first and only female magician in India to date. To book Suhani Shah, you should first know about her magician journey.

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Suhani Shah’s magician journey

Suhani Shah, at the age of 7 years, decided that she would take her magician skill to the next level. Due to her constant travel in and around India and abroad, she relinquished her studies and concentrated on perfecting her magic art. Over time, she has garnered huge popularity in India and even abroad. Apart from being a magician, Suhani Shah is also a writer and has written 5 books. These books have added a new dimension to her already successful journey. Her achievements as a magician will give you more clarity if you wish to book Suhani Shah.

The achievements of Suhani Shah as a magician

  • Suhani Shah published a book, “unleash your hidden powers”, where she talked about magic, superpowers, etc.
  • Suhani Shah performed her first magic show in front of the chief minister of Gujarat.
  • She has been invited to a lot of TED shows, where she talked about psychological relationships, superstitions, etc.
  • Suhani Shah has opened a center in Goa, “Suhani Mindcare”, where she provides therapies to improve the human mind.
  • She has a YouTube channel, where she posts regularly about comedians and other magicians.
  • She has performed for several well-known celebrities such as Anupam Kher, Adam Gilchrist, etc. She also appeared in The Kapil Sharma show and Indian Idol.
  • She works with people who suffer from alcohol, chain-smoking, drugs, etc.

Hire Suhani Shah for your shows

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