Indian Ocean Band


The Indian Ocean Band is a well-known and highly regarded Indian rock band that has been making waves in the music industry for over three decades. With a unique sound and an unwavering commitment to their craft, this band has become a household name in the Indian music scene. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the band’s bio, their journey, and some of their top achievements. Do you want to Book Indian Ocean, or Hire Indian Ocean Band? Well, you have landed at the right place.

Brief Bio of Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean Band was formed in 1990 in New Delhi, India. The band members include Rahul Ram on bass guitar and vocals, Susmit Sen on guitar, Amit Kilam on drums and percussion, and Tuheen Chakravorty on tabla and percussion. The band’s music is a unique blend of traditional Indian instruments and rock and roll, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and innovative.

Life Journey of Indian Ocean Band

The Indian Ocean Band has had a long and successful journey since their formation. In the early days, they played at various venues in Delhi, building up a local following and gaining recognition for their unique sound. In 1993, they released their debut album, “Indian Ocean,” which was a huge success and established them as a force to be reckoned with in the Indian music scene.

Since then, the band has released several more albums, including “Kandisa,” “Jhini,” “Black Friday,” and “16/330 Khajoor Road.” Their music has been featured in several Bollywood movies, including “Peepli Live” and “Masaan.” They have also performed at several music festivals around the world, including the Glastonbury Festival in the UK and the Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia.

Top 5 Achievements

  • Unique Sound and Style

The Indian Ocean Band’s unique sound and style have set them apart from other Indian bands. By combining traditional Indian instruments with rock and roll, they have created a sound that is both fresh and innovative. Their music is often characterized by intricate rhythms, intricate melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics.

  • Successful Albums

The band has released several successful albums over the years, including “Kandisa,” which is widely considered to be their breakthrough album. The album features a mix of traditional Indian folk music and rock and roll, and includes songs like “Ma Rewa,” “Khajuraho,” and “Jhini.”

  • Bollywood Success

The band’s music has also been featured in several Bollywood movies over the years, including “Peepli Live” and “Masaan.” Their song “Bandeh” from the movie “Black Friday” became an instant hit and is still considered to be one of their most popular songs.

  • International Recognition

The Indian Ocean Band has performed at several music festivals around the world, including the Glastonbury Festival in the UK and the Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia. They have also collaborated with several international artists, including Australian musician Karsh Kale and French musician Mathias Duplessy.

  • Social and Environmental Activism

The Indian Ocean Band has always been committed to using their music as a means of promoting social and environmental causes. They have been involved in several initiatives over the years, including the Save the Ganga Movement and the Clean Ganga Project. They also organized a series of concerts to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on the Himalayas.

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