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Mohit Dudeja is one of the emerging standup comedians, known for sharing funniest secrets and incidents about his life, which makes the audience rejoice and laugh their hearts out. With personal anecdotes, added with a hint of mirch-masala, Mohit Dudeja is the perfect cure for all work woes. is here to help you if you want to book Mohit Dudeja or hire Mohit Dudeja.

Details about Mohit Dudeja

Mohit Dudeja is a young standup comedian having 2+ years of experience in standup comedy. He has done more than 200 shows in the major cities of India such as Pune, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. He always sees the funny side of life’s adversities and tries to take some positive notes from it. He pursued a bachelor of technology (Information Technology) from Alwar.

After that, Mohit Dudeja worked as a visual designer and also headed a Digital Marketing agency. He is currently doing freelance projects, apart from standup comedy shows. He runs his YouTube channel “Mohit Dudeja” and has around 233k subscribers. With his standup comedy shows, he tries to give everyone a dose of laughter and happiness.

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Mohit Dudeja, in just 2 years of his standup comedy journey, has started to get a huge fan following and praise from the audiences. His jokes, which primarily revolve around life experiences touch the heart of the audience. Slowly and steadily, Mohit Mudeja is making his presence felt in the standup comedy space. should be your favorite choice, if you wish to hire Mohit Dudeja, or book Mohit Dudeja. Being in the artist hiring agency for more than 4 years, we are fully aware of the needs and demands of the audience, and always strive our best to provide the best artist hiring experience. Whether you want to hire an artist for a family function or a corporate show, we have the best options for you. Get in touch with us for detailed information.